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The size of the structure meant that our visuals had to be very large too. We've never used so much computer power to render our CGI before. The design process was integrated between many teams, our designs have complex interplay with the performers, lighting, sound - and 600 drones overhead!

At the early stages of the project, before we knew anything about the content of the show, we spent time simply developing the coolest looking effects we could think of. How could we use the structure to our advantage? Could we create interesting effects through the pillars? Could we force perspective and create three dimensional effects?

Following this, we worked closely with TBI (the production company) and Motion House (the creative directors), discussing their ambitions for the show, and how they’d like to incorporate the projection. We then took these concepts, and merged them with our initial research to create our final visuals. It was privilege to work on Eurovision, even more so on such a special show - the Opening Ceremony on behalf of Ukraine. Collaborating with so many talented teams has been incredible, especially seeing it all come together on show night.

While the show was one night only (broadcast on BBC1 on Monday 8th May 2023 - available on iPlayer), we were delighted about a last minute decision to keep the projection mapping in place on St George’s Hall for a full week after the show. This was down to the strength of our designs. Although the projection area was somewhat reduced to the centre part of the building, this was still an enormous projection area and fantastic visual spectacle for all that came to see it. Showreel below: