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The 2013 performance, celebrated 100 years of the show with a steampunk aesthetic reflecting that year’s set design. 2014 saw Prince William’s first attendance and a more modern fun logo and sequence was designed. From 2015-2016, we reworked a neon billboard theme. 2018-2019, saw a new set design that was reminiscent of palace gates. In 2020, we returned to the neon billboard idea, for a special show from Blackpool. From 2021, we were back in the Royal Albert Hall with another new set and logo design that was reminiscent of armillary spheres.

Below you can see a slideshow of stills showing the evolution of the logo and title design over the last ten years. Hopefully the show will continue to run for another 100 years, and Potion Pictures will continue its history of keeping the logo up to date, relevant and reflective of the huge variety of entertainment and talent the show offers.