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With this system, graphics are rendered instantaneously, which means we can take live input from various different types of sensors. In this case, we have used depth sensor cameras that will detect when people are nearby, and can then update and trigger the graphics to match.

We can take existing content if a client already has models, videos, sound or audio that they may want to integrate with the experience. Alternatively, we can create bespoke assets ourselves in-house. Unreal Engine is, by virtue, a game engine meaning anything that you can imagine you would do in a video game, you can do in Unreal Engine and therefore screen graphics.

We're able to integrate directly into a pre-existing studio environment very quickly, but also wherever a screen can be set up, we can run this type of system. Whether it's on the floor of a shopping centre, in a museum or exhibition space, during a live event or as part of a product demonstration - if there's a screen, we can set up the system to work with the environment around it.