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The second part involved bringing each Gladiator's personality and character to life. We designed custom looks for the new cast of Gladiators which tied into their name, personalities & strengths in the arena. These fed into the title sequence, stat cards & epic walkout moments before each game in the arena. Working with the team at Hungry Bear & direction from Electric Robin, we coordinated a green screen shoot before filming which allowed us to bring our vision to life.

Gladiator Identities

What we did want to say, is thanks so much for everything you've done for the production. We couldn't be more grateful. You've catapulted Gladiators into 2024 with your unbelievable designs and been so lovely to deal with along the way. Nothing was ever too much effort and your passion shone through! The show really wouldn't be the spectacle it is now, without your involvement and hard work.

James Pratt, Senior Producer